Vendor Information

Moultrie Automotive Swap Meet and Car Corral

April 1 – 2,  2022

November 18 – 20,  2022
Moultrie, Georgia

Thank you for your support in previous events. Your space assignment will be assigned to you by mail. Vendors are allowed to set up any time between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00p.m. on Thursday prior to the event. Parts vendors, please enter Gate #1; Car Corral participants, please enter Gate #4, Thursday Gate #2, and Gate #3 are for public/spectator entrance only. No Sat. Vendor setup in Sections B, X, C, D or inside the buildings after 9:00 AM Sat.
Tear Down for vendors inside the buildings can be at any time. But no vehicles will be allowed to enter the building or pull up to the doors of the building until 5:00 pm and be out by 6:00pm. The buildings will be secured at 6 PM DAILY! This will be strictly enfornced by our staff. Please prepare for these hours and make plans accordingly. If you cannot abide by these rules please connect us and we will accommodate you with space outside.
A reminder to vendors, concerning parking inside the event grounds, there are designated Vendor Parking areas and only these areas are to be used as additional parking outside your vendor space. This is required by myself, and the City of Moultrie, and in keeping in compliance with the lease agreement. All other grass areas are prohibited parking areas. Parking along the side of the buildings is prohibited, unless otherwise posted. ELECTRICAL HOOKUPS AVAILABLE ON GROUNDS, IN CERTAIN AREAS $50.00 PER 110V HOOKUP.

Camping and RV Information

Campsites are available within walking distance of the event site to everyone. For addition information, call the City of Moultrie at 229-890-5425. There are plenty of spaces for this event. Regular camping with water and electricity is $30.00 per night, there will be a three night minimum. Camping without hookups is $15.00 per night. There is no sewer facility, but there is a dump station on site. Shower facilities will be available to camper’s Thursday – Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Vendors who are camping and will be walking in, instead of driving, please notify us upon arrival.
Though a new agreement with the City of Moultrie, Camp sites will now be available inside the grounds FOR VENDERS ONLY. If you choose to camp inside the grounds there will be a 12am-6am quite time for all generators. Please note this and be considerate of others. And if you run a generator, there will be an enforced rule concerning the exhaust. You must make sure that the exhaust is distributed atleast 5 foot high or higher. For more information about these arangements email us at

No set-up in buildings on Saturday. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter buildings Saturday morning. All vehicle traffic inside the vending area will be stopped 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Please contact staff personnel for assistance during this time period for any exceptions.


No 2,3, or 4 wheel motorized bikes/vehicle will be allowed in the exhibit area during the three day event unless approved by Nostalgic Automotive Ventures. Our staff will be using golf carts to assist vendors. We will try to stay out of the vendor aisle ways whenever possible.

ALL PASSES WILL BE PICKED UP AT THE GATE UPON ARRIVAL. Space assignment will be confirmed by mail. The vehicle pass must be affixted to the windshield prior to entering grounds. One vehicle pass per space. Any replaced/additional passes will cost $50.00 each at the registration gate. Each space admits 2 adults. Please advise us, if you do not need all passes for your number of spaces or if you will have someone else pick up some of your passes, or if additional passes are needed. We will be glad to accomodate in any way. All space prices increase by $10.00 each after the the cut-off date to preregister (date provided on the purchase space page.) The cut-off date only concerns renewing the same space that you had the prior year at the same event. No spaces will be assigned after NOVEMBER 15th, prior to arrival at the gates.

No trailers will be allowed in the Car Corral Spaces. Please advise us of cars that are going to remain on a trailer, and a designated area will be assigned to accommodate the length of the trailer. ALL TRAILER SPACES ARE FOR VEHICLES THAT WILL REMAIN ON TRAILERS ONLY, NO UNLOADED VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED. ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER TRAILER, EACH ADDITIONAL VEHICLE WILL BE CHARGED $80 EACH!!! ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER CAR CORRAL SPACE, THIS INCLUDE MOTORCYCLES AND NO PARTS WILL BE SOLD OUT OF CAR CORRAL SPACES.

Parts pick-up by the public will only be allowed after 5:00 p.m. each day. Parts hauling services will be provided for free on the grounds. This is done in an effort to help eliminate vehicle traffic within the Swap Meet areas. There are designated parts delivery areas.